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Компания-разработчик Magento

Established Magento Development Company active in building solutions to help clients catering to their requirements and help retailers scale & grow their online business by integrating extensions and solutions. The company ...


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For sale, an established industrial complex for the production of mushroom products using a controlled artificial climate. There are 6 units and in each unit you can load 20 tons of compost. The production cycle is 42 days, so ...



Belarus For Sale

MergersCorp is a team of expert Belarus’s business brokers. We have a panel of the finest Established Businesses for Sale in Belarus. MergersCorp brings a list of established Businesses for Sale in Belarus. Our mission is to empower businesses in acquiring the best business in Belarus with our expert services.

In today's economic era, one right move towards buying a flourishing business can be highly profitable. As a result, MergersCorp came into existence in Belarus. With professional brokers at MergersCorp, you can find an ideal business. Further, you get connected with the right seller. Our expert brokers proffer a unique combination of strategic insight and technology. Therefore, the deal turns out beneficial for you.

It's crucial to assess the right value of a business before proceeding with the paperwork. Our expertise will compute the exact value of assets and liabilities. Along with this, our team knows the importance of confidentiality in such business affairs. Our representatives will maintain secrecy for a successful transition. Whether you are looking for a buyer or a seller, our team is here to assist you in each step.

Our professional team will provide the best suggestion. But the final call will always be yours. Our mission is to establish the largest business buying-selling ecosystem. Also, we aim to spread our footprint worldwide. We strive to act as a connection between investors and business owners.

Join our hands for continuous expansion and growth of the economy. If you are looking for established Businesses for Sale in Belarus, then MergersCorp is an ideal firm for you. We will bring suitable opportunities and ensure the growth of your firm.

Popular Upsell and Cross-sell apps for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce merchants. Delivering personalized suggestions to current customers, the app creates credibility, motivates purchasing, and boosts up the conversion rate for a webstore.

– Clients enjoy the growth of revenues up to 45% by using a proper combination of cross-sell widgets and upsell offers
– Over $200,000 of extra revenue made for  users EVERY day
– Innovative high-performing AI technology for real-time product recommendations
– 5-star rating on the Shopify app store

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