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Having an M&A blueprint can make it easier to source deals aligned with your corporate strategy.

When it comes to running a business, it can be hard to work out the best strategy to take, especially when it comes to major decisions and there are various options of how to move forward.

We have a lot of experience in helping businesses, when they come to a crossroads, to make the best-informed decisions and to make the right strategies for their business objectives. We give advice on the options available to grow a business, whether it be to raise capital or through M&A, to diversify or to specialize.

We advise on whether it is the right time to sell. Working alongside business owners and using various modelling techniques, analyses and valuations, we help business owners to find the strategy that suits them.

Once the strategy has been established, we then work through how to carry out that strategy and how to present it in the most appropriate way to other stakeholders in the company, helping in the preparation of presentations and other forms of communication.

  • 75
    Business Owners who believe 2021 will be a year of massive changes
  • 81
    Companies conducting more frequent strategic and portfolio review
  • 58
    Businesses are looking for acquisitions in the next 12 months

Areas of Focus

  • Board and Strategic Advisory Services

    We takes the time to understand your critical issues in order to support you as an objective advisor.

  • Core Business Advisory

    Our advisory team is ready to support your critical decisions with prescriptive advice during all stages of your business.

  • Strategy & Progress

    Assess and evaluate strategic opportunities in new market segments, ensuring that your business strategy fit into the market and it is aligned.

Working with MergersCorp M&A International

For executives and owners of businesses, including venture capitalists, privately held companies, an M&A investment company can enhance the position and probability of a close through a focused and highly competitive process among strategic and financial investors.

At MergersCorp™ M&A International we help our clients confidentially buy and sell privately held businesses, aligning the interests of all parties for mutual success and satisfaction.

Today MergersCorp™ M&A International is a global company with a network of 80+ M&A Advisors and brokers selling businesses with annual revenues of $500,000 to $250 Million in technology, construction, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, services, distribution, engineering, education, transportation and more.

  • 2500+
    Businesses for sale
  • 80+
    Global Advisors
  • 18+


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