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American Business selling Personalized “Print on Demand” Products

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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    American Business selling Personalized “Print on Demand” Products


    The company provides POD-Print on Demand service with the touch of personalized ideas to create something unique for each of its customers.

    A Print on Demand business is a process where clients work with a supplier of white-label products to customize those products and sell them on a per-order basis under an own brand and with an own designs A Personalized POD model give customer the option to customized their orders as their wish.


    • Unlimited Trending Designs.
    • Bringing the unique touch for each order of the customers
    • Difficult for competitors to copy the design due to complicated back end process
    • Minimize the amount of work required to put into the business

    Key products

    • 3D Shirts
    • Christmas Decoration Products

    Competitive Advantages

    • Relationship & Trust
    • Relationship & Trust are the most important factors when having a cross border business.
    • Diversification of Suppliers & Location
    • Each supplier have diffirent strength. For each product, we only fulfill with the best supplier in term of price, shipping time, client support.


    • Expanding to other product lines
    • The good thing about POD is it is all about the design so it is very easy for you to target any product niche you like, such as home decor, pet lovers, etc.
    • Utilize other Marketing channel
    • While we are focusing mainly on Facebook Ad and Email Marketing, this would be a great chance for anyone who are strong at other marketing channel such as Google Ad or Tiktok Ad.
    • Expanding to other markets
    • While we mostly sell our products in the US, the EU countries, the UK and the AUS are a huge markets to explore
    • Setting up your own printed business in the US
    • A lot of POD suppliers in the US are very limited to the variety of products that they can produce. Thus, it is the opportunity for us as the demand for different products from customers is increasing.

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    Ho Chi Minh