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Earn Money With Our Referral Program!

At MergersCorp Mergers & Acquisitions, we represent business owners who are looking to sell their business or looking to raise growth capital. If you are a business leader, a PEG, a CPA, an attorney, a real estate agent, a business intermediary, or a trustee and you are aware of a business where the owner is trying to raise growth capital or a situation where an owner or trustee is looking for a sale , please complete the referral agreement and return it to us or contact us by email or phone. You can refer the company’s owner or their president, lawyer, CPA , trustee, etc. to us.

Refer with confidence! Unlike Business Brokers, we are not dual agents and have only the best interests of your clients in mind.

We will contact you to ensure the business is not formally for sale (i.e. not represented by a M&A specialist or a Business Broker or advertised in a „business for sale“ web site) and counter sign the referral agreement and return it to you. We will also ask for any additional information that would improve the odds of signing an engagement agreement with your lead.

If we get a signed engagement agreement and are able to sell the company or provide liquidity to the company, you will receive a referral check representing 20% of the seller’s side fees after the close of escrow. If your profession forbids referral fees or you prefer not to take referral fees, we could alternately donate this amount to your favorite charity. Your referral fee can be several thousands of dollars depending on the transaction size and terms. Not a bad payday for an introduction!

How does the Referral Program Work?

Step 1- Sign up our Referral Agreement

Step 2- When you come across someone that wants to sell their business, refer them to us using our referral form.

Step 3- We will contact you and the potential seller to set up a meeting with the seller.

Step 4- After the initial meeting with the prospect we will contact you and let you know the outcome of the meeting. Should the prospect become a Client, we will keep you informed as to the status of the deal.

Step 5- Upon a successful closing and after we receive payment, we will issue you a check or send a bank wire.

Download our Referral Agreement

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