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Activities of hot rolling for the transformation of steel billets of general use in merchant bars in a range of different profiles: dishes, plates with special profile, round, square. Reference market : - Product lines : ...




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Activities of hot rolling for the transformation of steel billets of general use in merchant bars in a range of different profiles: dishes, plates with special profile, round, square.

Reference market : –

Product lines :

  • Production of straight bars in commercial length  ( generally m );
  • Production of rolls of weight equal to that of a full billet ( about 47 kg ).

Price:  . 1,800,000 

Region : Lombardy

Provinces : Cremona

Legal form :  Joint Stock Company 

Share : Business Unit

Number of Shareholders : –

Foundation year : 1970

Personnel: 24

Net assets : –


Intangible assets : brand owned 

Material goods : plant , equipment , spare parts warehouse , storage electric motors , movable office , forklifts .

Common machinery for both product lines : 

  • Plant cold cutting billets ( pallet load billets to be cut ,  shear mechanical alternative to 180 tons brand Erfurt,  roller ways of connection and collection plan for cut billets );
  • Facility charge billets to the reheating furnace  ( Tour pintle operated by hydraulic cylinders and relative control unit );
  • Heating furnace of the type plug  ( reheating capacity of 30 t / h for the billet size 130x130x3500 mm . The oven is supplied with natural gas and full of devices for automatic gear );
  • Discharge devices oven ;
  • First roughing mill  ( 4 groups of rolling -type duo , each full speed reducers , cage with dubber gears for actuation of the rolling rolls , connection parts , drive motor );
  • Connecting roller conveyors between the various groups of rolling ;
  • Second roughing mill type trio  ( cage cylinders , reducer distributor motion cylinders , connection parts and electric drive motor );
  • Auxiliary machines in service on the second roughing mill  ( roller tables for conveying the bar in rolling and guides sorting the various steps );
  • “Dubbers ” for conveying bar by the second train and the second roughing mill to train intermediate ;
  • First flying shear tick scrap  ( serves for the removal of the head and tail of the bars in rolling in addition to  emergency cutting in case of grounding );
  • Intermediate train type duo ( consists of 4 groups of rolling duo each complete with all the accessories for the operation and actuated each by its own DC motor );
  • ” Dubber ” for conveying the bar from the intermediate train to the finishing train , channel-type closed , openable automatically by a pneumatic cylinder controlled by photocell signal and timing system ;
  • Second flying shear tick scrap  ( serves for the removal of the head and tail of the bars in rolling in addition to  emergency cutting in case of grounding . The machine is complete horizontal driver to drive the bar up to the first rolling assembly of the finishing mill );
  • Finishing mill  includes 6 horizontal rolling units, 1 vertical type duo rolling unit and 1 cage edger for the exact calibration of the bars (a ll machines are equipped with DC motor , speed reducers , guiding equipment in entry and exit from each cage cylinders for various profiles products );
  • Auxiliary devices within groups of rolling consisting of loop-forming machines , dai supply channels laminate positioned between the various groups and the equipment guide and entrance bar .

Machinery line straight bars :

  • Group size cut incoming cooling plate  ( includes a flying shear and a drawing for advancement and control cut length of the bars ; this group the bars at a temperature of about 950 ° from the finishing train are cut to a length multiple of the final product and then sent to the braking , unloading and cooling systems . The machines are equipped with all the accessories , such as knives, lubrication pumpsguides in entry and exit and are each controlled by an appropriate continuous current motor );
  • Roller path of entry and the cooling plate provided for receiving , braking , unloading and the progressive cooling of the incandescent  bars ( the inlet roller path is equipped with its own system of lifting bars , the commander by hydraulic cylinders which shall first curb and then download the bars on the cooling bed . After the discharge of each bar , the cooling plate ,of the type with blades  galloping” commanded by a system of rotating and eccentric shafts , performs transfer movement of the bar towards the discharge zone , simultaneously releasing the space to receive the next coming from the roller path input . The bars are thus gradually moved towards the discharge , cooling at the same time so that it can subsequently be cut to size and packaged );
  • Devices for shearing to size and for “finish “  ( the rolled bars from the cooling plate are cut to commercial size by mechanical shears , transferred through roller tables to the unloading area and then manually bundled , tied and loaded on a transport carriage to be transferred to the storage ).

Machinery line rolls :

  • Conveying line laminate  ( installed immediately downstream groups last finisher is composed of a series of channels properly disposed and are provided with suitable rollers which guide the laminate to the winding machines );
  • Horizontal conveyor  ( positioned immediately upstream of the winding machines and complete with DC motor , determines the correct tensioning of the bar between the machines upstream and downstream and ensures the dragging of the final part of the bar once output from the finishing stand );
  • Aspi Garret ,  machines adapted to receive the laminate at a temperature of about 950 ° and wrap in rolls of about 1250 mm outer diameter and weight of about 470 kg ( both of the two machines are equipped with ejection system wrapped roll , hydraulic unit , hydraulic control mechanisms , electric motors DC and take lifting towers );
  • Conveyor belt cooling  hot”  rolls ( installed downstream of the two reels Garret provides the first movement and simultaneously the primary cooling of the rolls ; is formed by a series of shutters fixed to chains of handling , a control unit consisting of a reducer and an electric motor that provides for the handling );
  • Roller conveyor for final cooling  ( provided for enabling translation of the rolls towards the finishing machine and to complete the cooling of the same, consists of a series of motorized rollers driven by electric gear motors );
  • Machine at tying ,  installed soon at the end of the roller compact and alloy through  wire the rolls cooled in order to facilitate the Further transport and prevent the accidental event (comes complete with its hydraulic control unit for all the equipment installed and running automatic is managed by PLC);
  • Group collection skeins linked ( composed of a tilting mechanism and a cruise with four arms collection related rolls );
  • Electrical systems for control and management rolling mill  ( are both installed in appropriate rooms , separated from the directly interested in the rolling , both in the same );
  • Air Compressors ;
  • Supplies and spare parts ;
  • Mechanical workshop .

Return on investment : –

Real estate and buildings : manufacturing plant , warehouses, offices .

Location : province of Arezzo , Tuscany

Area of buildings : 17,005 sqm .

  • ffices (1,506 sqm);
  • Production department  (9,950 sqm);
  • arehouses  (5,549 sqm).

Area of ​​land : 13,500 sqm.

Type of tenure :  ownership

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