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Vartan Vahramian

US M&A Industrial Advisor

Valencia CA, USA

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SIC 87: 5084, NAICS (US2012) 423830
Valencia CA, USA
English (Primary), Armenian


30 Years Experience as Industrial Business Broker.

Vartan Vahramian buy and export Complete Factories to overseas. Price includes installation at destination country, testing, making samples, adjustments and teaching the buyer and financing the buyer. Complete Factories exported from USA & Canada for B2B, B2C, O.E.M. & consumer products.

Active since 1972 USA-CANADA Link/ NAFTA: We are skilled in establishing US businesses in Canada or securing supply sources from Canada. Integration, advantages, enhanced incentives for doing business in Canada. Specialized in manufacturing & distribution, export/import, plus financing. We engage in short, or long-term assignments for accountability, offering an affordable, predictable, and equitable result. We have offices in Toronto- Ontario, Montreal- Quebec, and Valencia, California. If this isn’t the truth, tell me, where else have you read something about this subject presented to you in this light? Shouldn’t you be talking to us at least once?

Services Offered

Industrial Real Estate Broker Industrial Business Sales Broker Industry expertise: Manufactured housing construction and plant, sawmill, forestry equipment, industrial tires & rubber components, passenger and truck tire mfg & distribution, auto/truck brakes and parts, real estate acquisition, investment, management, plastics, zinc, aluminum parts, aerospace, bio food, biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, call centers, forest products, information technologies, logistic & distribution, optics, tourism. Clients we have served-completed assignments: A.W. L. STEEGO-MCKERLIE-Millen, ABEX Industries LTD., Algonquin Industries Intl. Inc., AVISCAR Inc., BENDIX Heavy Vehicle Systems, CANPARTS Friction Products, Certified Brakes-Allied Signal, Chief Automotive Systems Inc., Control Fire Systems Ltd., DISTEX Industries-Echlin Canada, Dominion American Sure Seal, Dover Corporation-Rotary Div., Dover Corporation-O.P.W. Div., First Brands Corp., Green & Ross Tire Co. Ltd., HAWKER SIDDLEY- Can Car, Forestry Equipment Div., INNOVAC Automotive Inc., K.D.N. Distribution & Warehousing, KOMATSU Canada Ltd., KWIK-WAY Mfg. Ltd., KIRSCH & GIDARO Marketing Ltd., MAREMOUNT Exhaust Products Inc., MCCLEAVE Truck Sales Ltd., MIDAS Inc., Nissan Automobile Co., PACCAR Parts Inc., R.N.G. Group Inc., Sherwin-Williams Automotive, Spartan Agencies (Eastern) Ltd., STACKPOLE Ltd., Volvo GM Heavy Truck Inc., WEGU Canada Inc., Western Star Trucks Inc., Wheel & Rim Co. Ltd., Yokohama Tire Inc.

Licensed Broker in California, United States of America

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